Planet Generation


Luis Moro

Luis Moro, brings to The Planet Generation team twenty-five years of “transformational” business and personal training, coaching, and consulting work.  Throughout his career he’s empowered thousands of people to transform very hard, difficult and even horrible circumstances for the better.  Born in Cuba, raised in New Jersey and New York by a single mom, Luis knows first hand the struggles of living with little, being hungry and creating from nothing.

“We all want to have a great life, a better world. I beleave we can all help each other create one.” – Luis Moro

During the rise and adoption of Social Media connecting and sharing with friends became the norm.  Luis sees this is our Planets Generations opportunity to make a worldwide difference. Luis beleaves the next generation has to be one of Social Action.  Every day we all get exposed to new realities of life that were previously hidden from our mass population view.

Thanks to sharing on Social media citizens all over the world have been uncovering, exposing and sharing a lot of good as well as a lot of bad that’s happening to many people. But sharing these elements of life is not enough.  So for several years Luis looked for a way to evolve the benefits of sharing in Social Media into the power of empowering actions with a Social Action Website.  He found the way with the Planet Generation.

The Planet Generation gives everyone an opportunity to effectively and efficiently unite and take actions that make a difference.  If you’re committed to transforming the world, then the Planet Generation is for you.

Luis primary focus is ensuring the Planet Generation users win in life.  His personal projects include empowering parents, nonprofits, and select companies to succeed “making a profit, making a difference”.   Luis’s creative business strategies for project fulfillment, with his diverse range of person-to-person empowerment training, gives the Planet Generation users a competitive advantage as we take actions to produce personal, community, and worldwide transform.

A graduate of Rutgers University, Luis is an award winning writer, filmmaker and has authored four books on Professional Parenting. He’s also a co-founder of, the next generation in education computing platforms. He lives in Santa Barbara, CA where he raises his two daughters.