Planet Generation


Luis Moro – An Invitation

This is my personal invitation to you.

Declare yourself The Planet Generation.

Together we can transform the world.

I’m extending this invitation to you because I believe we both want to make a difference.  We both want a world that works for everyone, with no one left out.  I’m asking you to unite and inspire millions of other people worldwide.

I believe most people want Peace on earth. We want to live in Peace and fully self-expressed with the people we love. I believe you want that.

Together let’s take the actions that will Transform the planet. We don’t know what all the actions will look like.  But we do know we need you to speak up, share, and take a range of actions to make the Planet Generation Goals a reality.

If you believe possibilities can become reality, then I ask that you join our Planet Generation Facebook Group.

At the very least I ask that you declare I Speak Peace for the rest of your life.

Start creating world peace by declaring for yourself, I Speak Peace“, then create your lifestyle from Speaking Peace. Your Peace is required for World Peace.

We can all have “making a difference” as our lifestyle choice. We can all make a living, making a difference. Our jobs, our recreation, our lifestyle can be one where we make a difference for the whole of our lives, our communities, and our global humanity.

Be patient, Be bold, Be whatever it takes, and participate as we produce the world working for everyone

We are the Planet Generation.


Luis A. Moro

The Planet Generation