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Productivity Tools

Everyone who makes a difference is invited to unite at the Planet Generation network.

The Planet Generation provides nonprofits, activist, supporters and others committed to making a difference a free robust set of productivity tools to effectively and efficiently manage producing their Goals.

We empower Crowdsourced Action CommunitiesTeam CollaborationKnowledge Base – Empowered People

Tools for Global Communication and Mobilization
Tools for Global Communication and Mobilization


The Planet Generation has internal email allowing you to message your groups, connections, or friends with ease. Send/Receive messages on the go withThe Planet Generation mobile. With all your files, contacts, projects, videos, and images inThe Planet Generation simply send a download link to the files rather than the file. Its faster, more secure, and less stress on the email server. Say goodbye to USB drives, and bounced oversized emails!


You can create Groups for Specific Actions. Groups also allow you to organize your connections by similarities such as expertise in a Social subject, a particular community, policy, or friends. Use these groups to quickly share items such as videos, images, files, blogs, word documents, calendar items, event invitations, messages, or discussions. Items shared with groups, stay within the group.


The Planet Generation features a beautiful calendar and scheduler. Calendars consist of tasks, notes, and event invitation functionality.The Planet Generation has personal and group functionality and they work well together. You can see group calendar items combined with your personal ones or filtered by a collection of groups, or just one group. You can also export your calendar to sync other systems.

Video Library

Create a library of your supporting videos. It’s simple to upload videos into The Planet Generation. Also take advantage of organizing educational videos from Youtube.  Share these videos with your teams, supporters, the public or embed in projects or marketing.The Planet Generation mobile app allows you to upload videos directly from your phone, perfect for capturing unexpected issues, speeches, facts, and more information supporting your cause.

Image Library

Upload your images into The Planet Generation for easy access for sharing, storing, use in projects, or for your portfolio. You can batch upload, crop, flip, rotate, annotate, or resize right within your browser.The Planet Generation security allows you to choose specific privacy settings.The Planet Generation is designed to be your homebase, a master location from where you can easily post into Facebook, Twitter, email, connections, groups, or use on your own site.

Word Documents

Create, edit, share, or collaborate on word documents directly in the browser! The Planet Generation web document feature has the functionality of Word, coupled with the ability to embed videos, audio, images, or other items from your profile. This eliminates the need for USB devices in the classroom. Share this document, use it as an assignment to turn in, a syllabus, template, meeting minutes, or embed it into your own website! Invite others to edit the document for group documents!

File Storage

Keep all your files in one place, organized, secure, and easy to use or share with others as needed.The Planet Generation is built for organizational efficiency, allowing you to keep files available for you via the cloud, wherever you are. Privacy settings allow you to select who can access the file. Perfect for managers who want to share files with the teams quickly without hassle. Embed links to your files within your blog, word documents, or projects.

Audio Library

Capture audio from anyone. Including speeches, record songs, or share inspiration!The Planet Generation allows you to upload audio to your library. You can add your audio files into blogs, documents, websites, or to share on social sites. Create Playlists of your favorites, allow others to add to their playlist.The Planet Generation makes it easier than ever to integrate audio into your profile, blogs, word documents, websites, curricula or projects.

Instant Messaging

The Planet Generation keeps you in contact with your connections via instant messenger. You can group message in real time, share files with the group via messenger, send links, ask or answer questions, it’s up to you. If you prefer you can take the conversation offline by hosting a ‘Discussion.’ Instant messaging helps create community. It is safe, as you can only message with your connections. You can appear offline, away, available, or busy.

Event Invitation

Plan events, marches, rally’s meeting and more with ease.The Planet Generation allows you to create calendar invitations to share with connections, groups, or everyone! You can set the maximum count of attendees, and when the accepted invitation count goes over, a waiting list is automatically made. Set maximum Guests per invitee, provide directions, and allow your connections to promote your event by showing it on their profile.


The Planet Generation allows you to store the contact information for people or organizations. You can easily share this contact information with your connections or groups. You can choose also to only share a subsection of the contact information, such as the phone number, and not the birthday, or address. You get field level control, giving you ultimate privacy control coupled with ease of sharing.

News and Activity Stream

Stay up to date with the activities of your connections and groups in one place! The Planet Generation news feed lists new images, videos, events, projects, rss, thoughts, and many more types of activities occur. Keep your connections and groups informed with up to date information. The News feed is directly controlled by the privacy settings of the items you add, or your connections, providing efficiency with privacy.


The Planet Generation help keeps you engaged and participating by consolidating the recent updates to items of your interest and interaction in one location, for example, when a document is revised. Subscribe to updates, and respond to changes in a timely fashion. Coming soon: Receive alerts on the go with the Apple device app for iPhone, IPod Touch, and IPad.


The Planet Generation has an innovative approach to streamlining larger works to establish your causes credibility.  You can create research projects, volunteer projects, community service, and science labs. The Planet Generation keeps the project organized and on track by offering templates and processes that consolidate the steps, due dates, files, and task assignments.  Publish the project for others to be inspired by, and receive recognition for excellence. Share the projects on your website or in all social sites. The Planet Generation Social Action gallery lets your projects be inspiring examples to others.


Track and record Crowdsource actions as they happen. The Planet Generation mobile app allows you to perform the most popular activities right within your phone. You can receive or send messages, see updates from your connections or groups, calendaring, edit and upload video on your phone to your profile, as well as, photos. The Planet Generation Mobile is the perfect tool for capturing speeches, species videos, project efforts, community service, performances and more.

Website Links

Catalog and share interesting, informative, or educational websites. You found a new source supporting your Action? Capture the link and share it with others, or maybe it is just a quick reference link for yourself. You choose who sees it.  The Planet Generation allows you to comment on the link, start a discussion, and embed it within a project as  a source to inspire others.

RSS Feeds

R.S.S is a fancy name for Data Feeds. Data Feeds are available for many major websites such as NASA, Google News, Twitter, and CNN. The Planet Generation allows you to aggregate all your favorite news feeds into one location allowing you to efficiently capture the recent updates of your favorites sites in less time.


You can start a discussion thread and invite your connections to join in. The discussions can be about an action strategy, new information, or within a project such as a brainstorming session. The discussions are only visible to those invited.

Social Awareness

The Planet Generation facilitates group engagement and awareness. The Planet Generation allows you to expand that awareness into other sites. Innovative projects, community engagement and effective actions to take can shared to inspire others outside.


The Planet Generation allows everyone to display and demonstrate their skills, experience, talents, and accomplishments. Project Action portfolios can displayed with the measurable Social Transformation results, along with the supporting documentation. Portfolios can be useful for other Social Transformation opportunities, nonprofits goals, included grants, and sponsorship opportunities for groups. Most of all, portfolios can inspire others to also take on making a difference as a life style choice.

Multimedia Action Plans

The modern classroom uses all forms of media to educate.

The Planet Generation provides the tools to capture the elements and to combine them into compelling Action Plans. Additionally, The Planet Generation provides the ability for users to create and share multimedia information with ease. Video, images, audio, links, and more can exist in the same word document without the hassle of USB devices or large emails for transferring.