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The Planet Generation is the people’s lobby. We are involved. We learn and vote. We know our united vote and unwavering participation is more powerful than the money paid to lobby politicians.

“When it comes to politics. Don’t hate the players or the game. You either participate or you don’t”.- Luis Moro

Our Government is not the problem. Our Government problems rise from people in governance who do not practice authentic transparent integrity.

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  • Participate in your Local, State, and Federal Campaigns.
  • Know about the people you are electing into office.
  • Knock on doors, work in campaign offices.
  • Be in the room where the votes get counted.

There are many great ways to participate in governance. If you don’t find a way that works for you. Then create one.

We created October Voters with the specific goal of empowering people to vote early.

Become an October Voter. Vote Early.

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