The Planet Generation – Beta


Luis Moro – An Invitation

This is my personal invitation to you. Join the Planet Generation. Together we can transform the world.

I’m extending this invitation to you because I believe we both want to make a difference. The time has come. I’m asking you to unite with millions of other people and together let’s take the actions that will Transform the planet.

I’ve personally taken on leading the launch of the planet generation with a team of leaders committed to keep our Vision and Mission alive until it becomes an active global commitment.  We don’t know what that will look like.  But we do know we need you to unite to make it a reality.

I believe most people want peace on earth. We want a world that works for everyone.  And we want to live fully self-expressed with people we love.

I believe you want that. You really do want a version of that for yourself and your life.

If you do, then I ask that you sign up and support how ever you can.  Let’s get in action.

At the very least I ask that you “Speak Peace” for the rest of your life.

Our goal is that we all take on making a difference as a lifestyle choice. We can all make a living, making a difference. Our jobs, our recreation, our lifestyle can be one where we make a difference for the whole of  humanity.

Overtime many of us committed to Peace and Transforming the planet will be providing opportunities for you to participate and make a difference for yourself, your community, our planet.

So please be patient with us and participate how you can as we begin the journey of transforming the planet with actions that make a difference. We are the Planet Generation.


Luis A. Moro

The Planet Generation