Planet Generation



People Empower People.

World Peace is everyone’s lifestyle.

Transcend Environmental, Human, and Animal Abuses.

Ongoing learning, training, and development is everyone’s lifestyle.

“With the education available today, there is no reason to live a disempowered life.”

Luis Moro

We Act For Peace
World Peace is our Planet Generations opportunity.

It will take all of us to Transform the Planet. United we can take actions that make a difference. United we can set a new course for our lives, our community, our Planet. Being United starts with you and I, and our actions today.

We can start to unite practicing one distinction at a time.

Let’s start with Peace and choose another Planet Generation value that we can both practice while producing a world that works for everyone. We both can speak Peace to create a new world reality.

Declare and keep repeating: “I Speak Peace.” “We Speak Peace.”

“World Peace is Possible” can expand with you and I declaring “Peace is our lifestyle choice.”

Making a difference means many things to many people. To the Planet Generation it means honoring life. It means a world that works for everyone.  We know there’s an abundant earth when nurtured with grace, and life is treated with respect.

Everyone can be part of a worldwide Planet Generation taking actions that make a difference.

Whether it’s your own personal goals, community goals or a worldwide objective,  we are unstoppable taking actions that create Peace, Love, and Well-Being for all of life.

The Planet Generation answers to life.

  • Unmitigated Violence can be eradicated in our lifetime.
  • Hunger can end with planning.
  • Environmental abuses can be replaced with sustainable solutions.
  • World Peace is Possible.

United, the Planet Generation will accomplish our Goals.

Elie Wiesel Take Sides