Planet Generation

Who founded the Planet Generation?

By Luis Moro, Founder: I’m one of the billions of people the Planet Generation represents.

I cannot live any more watching the injustices and abuses happening all around us.

We have the education and resources to fulfill our Planet Generations goals worldwide.

I’m committed and willing to go the distance creating and uniting a global population with a powerful context for life-long-actions.

I believe we all know we can transform the planet with united actions that make a difference.

I’m acting on this belief within my own deep soul and staying in action about it.

I believe as people learn they are not alone and that we have billions of people wanting the world to work for everyone, just like you and I, they to will transform the planets leadership towards producing a world that works for everyone in our life time.

I invite you to committ your soul and meet my soul as the Planet Generation.

United we will unleash the human spirit as the Planet Generation and produce our Goals.

If you’re up to transforming the Planet, meet us on the Planet Generation Facebook Group. 

The best is yet to come. The Planet Generation is here.