The Planet Generation – Beta


Given the huge Planet Generation vision and mission we are committed to produce. We expect pushback from some people who just can’t believe we can unite as a global population.

We find the following order of questions is what first comes up for many people.  Our favorite question is:  “How are we going to transform the planet?” That is often the first question a committed person ask. “We will Win” as the Planet Generation.

Peace John Lennon

How are we going to transform the planet?

By uniting worldwide and taking actions that make a difference.

By empowering each other. By providing intelligent pathways with actions that transform circumstances.  By claiming our own individual power and freedom to be fully self-expressed. There’s more.  If you’re up to one of these you are the Planet Generation.

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Why isn’t this 100% Free?

Because we will never transform the planet without the full-time team, tools and resources required to unite and mobilize millions of people committed to a world that works for everyone.

We also do not sell your private life data to earn revenue. There is no real free. When you use free, you’ve given up your personal data to marketers, advertisers and others who want to track and predict your life.

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How do we earn revenue?

Our primary source of income is donations from committed partners like you.

People committed to uniting making a global impact.  People committed to changing the direction of the unmitigated opportunist in government, companies, lobbies and religious institutions.   

We are now focused on expanding our united planet generation. Ways we are looking to make money includes sponsors, premium services, co-partnerships, merchandise and other products and services that make a difference for our participants.

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Where does the revenue go?

To pay our full-time team, working capital, and most of all empowering our target community leaders: Nonprofits, Activist and others who lead the way providing opportunities for millions of people to unite and take actions that make a difference.

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Do you sell user data like websites who make money selling our personal information?

No. Period. We don’t sell your private information and we never will. Bold and true, never.

We’re committed to a world that works for everyone. Inside that foundation we don’t think we need to put our attention on how much money we can make selling your life’s details.

Rather we believe many of you can and will donate a few dollars so you can keep your privacy 100%.

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Will you charge us to reach our own group members like others companies do?

No.  We think that’s tacky. We also believe it was and still is an underhanded move.

A few individuals make millions and billions of dollars by having you bring them users. Then they charge you. They make you pay to communicate with your supporters that want to connect with you.

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Can we stay in touch with our group members as much as we want?

Yes. It will be up to your members to decide how much contact they want.

That is one of our a major goals. We’re committed to give teams making a difference the ability to unite, mobilize and take empowering actions.  Another goal is that your team members donate for using their “productivity tools” that help produce your group-team goals.

It’s free to join, be in a group, participate and even have some of the tools and features. Paying members will simply have more tools, resources and will fund your group getting more tools and resources.

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Who does the Planet Generation Support?

We support anyone committed to our stated vision, mission and a world population that benefits the planet.

It’s also useful to note versions of who we don’t support.

We don’t support unmitigated violence and war.

We don’t support the current direction of destroying our environment for profits. (Money is man made. The environment is not replaceable.)

We don’t support laws that segregate, regulate or limits one’s freedom of speech and choice (excluding violence).

We don’t support religion as the only foundation for any government

We don’t support animal abuse.

We trust you get what we support.

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Is there a limit to how many people can join a group or the Planet Generation?

No.  There currently is no limit. We do anticipate we may have to create future limits in coordination with active groups.

Why? We are not a “like” things website or “slacktivist” website.

We are a Social Action Website, a network of people committed to transforming the planet.

The core of our users are people who take actions.  People who make a difference for a living. Given that, it’s quite possible that we may have categories or conditions for users to remain in groups and the Planet Generation.

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Why is the Planet Generation here?

The Planet Generation is here because the world is ready for global transformation. We are all connected through sharing on Social Media. Now it’s time to take our lives beyond sharing. It’s time to unite and taking crowdsourced Actions that make a difference.

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How does the Planet Generation work?

We’re different than Social Media Websites. We are a Social Action Network.  We provide a Homebase for people committed to transforming the planet to unite, plan and take crowdsource actions that transform circumstances.

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What is Crowdsource Actions?

Crowdsource Actions are  large groups of people uniting to take the same consistent-focused-action that will transform a subject matter.

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Who founded the Planet Generation?

By Luis Moro: “I personally don’t like to take credit for founding the Planet Generation. I’m one of 7 Billion representatives of the Planet Generation.  I consider myself the guy who was lucky enough, committed enough and willing to go the distance and take on uniting a global population. I believe we all know we can transform the planet with united actions that make a difference.”

“I simply took an idea whose-time-has-come with my desire deep in my own soul and got into action about it.  I just could live any more watching the injustices and abuses going on around us. Along the way, I partnered with Gary Glass who created the technology powering That’s when I knew my vision (which is really many peoples vision) of “a world that works for everyone” can be realized.  We have the resources to fulfill our Planet Generations vision and mission worldwide. We just have to take united actions.

As for the name Planet Generation, my daughter Kylie was six years old when she came up with the name “The Planet Generation”.

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How do I get involved with the Planet Generation?

1) Sign-up now – we are in phase one of uniting as many people as possible

2) Contribute how you can – We need to be unstoppable and funding is critical now.

Once signed-on, you should learn your way around the productivity tools. We will have opportunities for teams and groups that will require people versed in using the Planet Generation.

Remember this is not another hit “like” or “slacktivist” site.

Our people are committed to transforming the planet. That requires various skills sets.  You don’t need to know them all, just have a team member who does.

For example: It’s smart to have a team member versed in IT or at least basic productivity tool knowledge. We also recommend at least one inspirational, motivational coach on every team. Someone who will keep your team empowered and you take actions to produce results.

3) Commit to a cause – soon we will have a list of causes to empower or you can add one

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Who is the Planet Generation team?

The current team leader is Luis Moro.  He’s united a team committed to transforming the planet. This team is now expanding more team members. A team that will go the distance required to transform the planet.

We have several people you may know including Debora Kehny, June Paley, Manuel Gonzalez, Margaret Pazant, Josselyne Herman-Saccio, Lisa Lindo, John Lyte, Alicia Journey, Peter Maez, Lisa France, and others.

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What does it take to go the distance?

We believe it takes an intelligent commitment. That is the desire for a dream or goal or future worthy of your lifetime.  And start taking actions.  It does not mean staying in a bad relationship or circumstance. It means start creating awesome relationships and circumstances.

To transform the planet many us will develop great relationships around the world with people committed to transforming the planet.

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Is the Planet Generation a Non-Profit?

We studied the opportunity of creating the Planet Generation as a non-profit organization. And it’s clear being a non-profit puts significant restrictions on the amazing opportunity we have to transform the world.

We are here to empower non-profits, and not compete with them for non-profit dollars. Ultimately, our goal is that the Planet Generation is owned by you.  Our profits go to make a difference.

Uniting millions of people to take crowdsourced actions that make a difference requires us to “take-on” others who have little to no restrictions in how they conduct their business. We are going up against people who do not want us to win as a united planet generation.

We need to be a pro-profit company to attract the investment capital required from like-minded investors, sponsors and co-partners.  We need and want the full scalability of a public company that makes a difference.

As the Planet Generation grows, you will be proud of the transformational results we will produce united, representing us all as the Planet Generation.

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