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Facebook Is Ending the Free Ride

Facebook Is Ending the Free Ride Sam Biddle  3/19/14 1:45pm Facebook pulled the best practical joke of the internet age: the company convinced countless celebrities, bands, and “brands” that its service was the best way to reach people with eyeballs and money. Maybe it is! But now that companies have taken[…]

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NYT: After the Protests

The Planet Generation Social Action Network is designed for people committed to take Actions beyond Social Media Sharing. – Luis Moro After the Protests March 19, 2014 Re share from New York Times writer Zeynep Tufekci   LAST Wednesday, more than 100,000 people showed up in Istanbul for a funeral that[…]

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NYT: Mark Zuckerberg, Let Me Pay for Facebook

Many nonprofits and civic groups that were initially thrilled about their success in using Facebook to reach people are now despondent as their entries are less and less likely to reach people who “liked” their posts unless they pay Facebook to help boost their updates.   Mark Zuckerberg, Let Me[…]

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