The Planet Generation – Beta

We’re a Social Action Network

We Unite People.
We Empower Each Other.
We Take Crowdsourced Actions that Make a Difference.

Our Mission

We're Transforming the Planet
with Empowering Crowdsourced Actions.

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We Provide Tools For Social Action

Productivity Tools

We give people committed to Transforming the Planet the tools they need to unite, manage and take Crowdsource Actions that make a difference.

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Action Communities

You layout your action plan, invite your team and unite hundreds, thousands, even millions of people taking the same united Crowdsource actions.

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Knowledge Base

The Planet Generation offers the tools to create a library of diverse documents, videos, photos and other information required to support your Social Actions.

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Team Collaboration

The Planet Generation social action collaboration tools help your team work together with intelligent workflows. Plan each step required to succeed and build a Crowdsource Action team.

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Step One: Create

Add your Social Mission, Vision and Goals.
List the actions required to produce your Mission.
Everything is possible with Teams.

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The Planet Generation We Speak Peace

Step Two: Unite

Invite your team.
Build a Crowdsource Action group.
United Actions turn possibility into Reality.

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Our Future Only Exist in Actions

Step Three: Action

Only actions produce results.
Together we produce Social Change.
Our Actions Transform Life.

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Why Unite?

There are many reasons for us to unite. Transforming your concerns is one. Others include...

In 2012, 6 Corporations Control 90% Of The Media In America

Originally, the Internet was the champion of free thinkers, embraced as a liberating force from corporate owned media.

In raw numbers, 80 percent of the top 20 online news sites are owned by the 100 largest media companies.

"What we should be most concerned about is the narrowing of choices... a dangerous trend that threatens democracy itself." UC Berkeley

01 Planet Generation Who Owns The Media

Media Facts

Less that 300 Media Executives control 90% of the Media.

We are 7 Billion People Informed by 6 Companies.

Is it Possible that War, Hate, Poverty and other social issues, are man made by false media.

The World Peace We Know is Possible Requires Us to Unite.

We are the Planet Generation.

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